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Do you need new epoxy countertops or sinks for a laboratory in an educational, health care, or research facility?

AGR Fabricators has 30+ years of expertise in this area and offer a wide variety of epoxy resin countertop options.  In addition to stocking a variety of options we can also supply you with design and fabrication services, helping you with custom design solutions that will meet your exact needs.

We have an excellent reputation for quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. In addition to epoxy resin lab countertops and sinks, we can help with a variety of laboratory products and accessories.

Labs choose epoxy resin countertops and sinks for labs because they are non-porous, solid, and highly durable. This long-lasting material makes for ideal lab countertops and sinks because their appealing characteristics include the fact that they have excellent chemical, stain, and heat resistance without the concern of likelihood to delaminate, swell, or spall. 

Our epoxy resin laboratory countertops and epoxy resin lab sink options have a surface that is smooth, with a low-glare, and standard drip groove. Our units typically feature a standard beveled edge finish but can be customized to your needs

Chemical-Resistant Non Flammable Countertops and Sinks for Your Laboratory

Our Durcon Epoxy Resin Work surfaces are chemical-resistant, non-flammable, and are ideal for harsh laboratory, class and research environments. Talk to us today about your needs.

Feel free to request samples and / or check out our gallery to see some of our recent projects.

Durcon Classic Top

Thickness: 1”

  • 62.5” x 78”
  • 73” x 98”

Kemresin by Kewaunee

Thinkcness: 1”

  • 62.1” x 97.2”
  • 37.5” x 97.2”
Available Colors

Available in different colors upon request

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