AGR Fabricators Products: High-End Quality Furniture for Labs

At AGR Fabricators, we know that the laboratory industry requires exceptional quality and attention to detail in their labs. We can help you outfit your labs with a variety of excellent quality products. Some of what we do is detailed below:

AGR Fabricators Laboratory Furniture

We offer a variety of science laboratory furniture options and accessories, including:

  • Laboratory Countertops
  • Laboratory Work benches
  • And more

Top quality materials are used in a variety of our custom-designed science laboratory furniture options include chemical resistant countertop materials where needed and we can supply you with a number of accessories for your laboratory, as well, including epoxy resin lab sinks, tops for the fume hood, pegboards, pegs, and more.

When you buy science laboratory furniture we know that you will likely have very specific requirements. We supply lab tables for school labs as well as other science lab tables and more to a variety of industries.

AGR Fabricators: 30+ Years of Happy Customers

When you deal with AGR Fabricators, you get over a century of expertise and 30+ years of successful relationships with customers who are happy to give us glowing reviews about our products and our customer service.

Talk to us about your needs, including:

  • Epoxy resin products
  • Lab grade phenolic material
  • Trespa
  • Associated accessories

Quick Turnaround and Exceptional Design Solutions

We can help you with your custom design specifications and we fabricate with an exceptionally short turnaround time. Talk to us today about your needs.  We serve a variety of industries, including educational and health care and our team has an excellent reputation for skills as well as for making our customers happy.

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