Epoxy Resin

epoxy resin laboratory countertops

What Is It?

The epoxy resin worktops are solid, durable, and nonporous. They feature excellent physical, chemical, stain, and heat resistance, and will not delaminate, swell, or spall. Work surfaces have a smooth, low-glare exterior with a standard drip groove, feature a standard beveled edge finish. Durcon Epoxy Resin Work surfaces are chemical resistant and non-flammable, perfect for harsh laboratory, classroom and research environments.

Durcon Classic Top

Thickness: 1”

  • 62.5” x 78”
  • 73” x 98”

Kemresin by Kewaunee

Thinkcness: 1”

  • 62.1” x 97.2”
  • 37.5” x 97.2”

Base Features

Available in different colors upon request

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