Customize Your Pegboard as You Like


When it comes to outfitting a laboratory, there are a million things to think about. You may need chemical resistant countertops, sinks, fume hoods, work benches, and much more. What may not immediately come to mind are all of the small accessories that make up a complete laboratory environment. One of those items is the humble pegboard, along with peg hooks for the pegboard.

Pegboards for Laboratories

A pegboard is known for being used to drain and hang various types of glassware that are contained in a lab. These boards come in many different sizes and types. You can attach everything from slides to funnels, pipettes, and bottle stoppers, just to name a few. On top of that, the pegs are typically easily removable. This makes it easy to avoid contaminating other items used on the pegboard. Many labs will have two or more in each laboratory environment.

Pegboards may be made of several materials. The most common include phenolic, stainless steel, acrylic, and epoxy. Epoxy is the best suited to a laboratory environment, especially if chemicals are to be utilized there. The same applies for the pegs that are built for the pegboards. However, in some cases, stainless steel may be used.

Peg Hooks for a Pegboard

You may receive a certain type of pegboard hooks when ordering your pegboards. However, sometimes you may need something different for another project. This is where unique peg hooks can be an excellent investment for many laboratories. At AGR Fabricators, you can choose from pegboards with 20 to 81 pegs and sizes of anywhere from 18 inches by 24 inches to 48 by 30 inches. Customized designs are also available, and this may be best for any laboratory that carries out specialized work.

Beyond that, you can find peg hooks for a pegboard that do specific things besides hanging glassware. You may need a specific pegboard accessory for holding flasks, dispensing soap, or as a drain basket. These things are all possible when you choose a customized option for your pegboard.

Laboratory Supplies

At AGR Fabricators, Inc. we provide many items for laboratories, including peg hooks, countertops, fume hoods, and more. We also offer both epoxy and phenolic pegboards in various sizes. Our custom options make it possible to build the pegboard you want and order the perfect peg hooks for the pegboard. To learn more about our products, you can visit us at