Should You Replace Your Lab Countertops?

Classroom Lab Countertops

You know that your lab countertops take a beating because it might be you who has administered some of those beatings or seen them occur. Lab, research centers, and classroom environments have their fair share of incidents that expose work surfaces to all kinds of hazards. And whether it is a lot of chemical exposure, fluids of all kinds, or continuous heat, countertops can quickly degrade or need replacement. While a refit is quite expensive, it might be necessary. Are you unsure when it is time to replace your epoxy resin laboratory countertops? If so, let’s take a look at the reasons you should do so.

  • They are visibly worn – Years of cleaning with abrasives, exposure to cutting equipment, high levels of continuous heat and even persistent moisture or chemicals can eventually cause your epoxy resin laboratory countertops to have a rather worn out look. It doesn’t matter what sort of work is done in a lab, if there are a lot of scratches, signs of failure or other issues, they must go.
  • You are doing a refitting or redesign – Think of this as a good chance to invest in the best quality countertops possible. You will want to choose from the classics, like phenolic resin and epoxy resin laboratory countertops as they have shown themselves to be long wearing, but don’t overlook any newer innovations like Trespa

If you are not exactly sure if the wear and tear are significant enough, just consider these specific signs:

  • Do you see any fractures or failures in the joints on the counter? If so, it is unsanitary and unsafe.
  • Is there a lot of obvious scratching and/or discoloration? If so, this may be due to cleaning with abrasives. However, it could be that hard materials have made gouges on the surface, and here too you have an unsanitary situation. Not only does it look bad, but it is bad for your lab work, research or other activities.
  • Do the surfaces show signs of succumbing to water, heat or chemicals? If they are stained, bubbling or blistering or developing cracks, it is yet another sign that replacement is no longer an option. These are permanent and will worsen over time.

The good news is that you can have entirely new phenolic resin or epoxy resin laboratory countertops custom made at a reasonable price. Get in touch with AGR Fabricators, Inc. to learn about your many options for replacement surfaces.