Why Do We Use a Lab Fume Hood?

Laboratory Fume Hoods

As chemistry, biology and other science experts about the major pathways used by chemicals and toxins as they enter the body and most agree that inhalation is one of the biggest routes followed. Whether a compound or agent is in a vapor or fume form, it can almost immediately enter the human bloodstream as soon as it is inhaled. If it is not immediately toxic, its particulate can become embedded in the soft lung tissue where it might cause problems in the hours, days, weeks or years that follow. It is the primary reason that laboratory fume hoods are used in labs.

As one university handbook emphasized, “A properly designed and operated fume-hood reduces exposure to hazardous fumes, vapors, gases, and dust. A fume-hood confines hazardous airborne material by diluting it with a large amount of air, drawing it through an exhaust system and then expelling the air in vents located on the roof of the building. Proper use of the fume-hood sash can also shield the worker from an uncontrolled reaction.”

Of course, not all laboratory fume hoods are alike, and you need to choose one that is in the right size, design and made from the right materials for your purposes. Some of the best laboratory fume hoods are framed in epoxy to withstand exposure to the chemical agents they contain and control, but there are also other materials that can be used effectively.

It helps if you know just how the laboratory fume hoods work to understand why they are so vital to the safety and the well being of those using them in lab settings. They are always equipped with a powerful fan that pulls all air and particles towards a duct contained inside of the hood. As that quote above said, it redirects everything towards the outside of the space, but the positioning of the hood’s door is crucial for optimal safety. Typically the narrower the opening of the door, the stronger the movement of air.

This is why the premium hoods are designed with easily adjustable doors that can enable you to boost the strength of the flow with a simple gesture.

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