Why Is It Necessary to Install Pegboard Hooks in Your Laboratory?

Pegboard Hooks

Having pegboards for the lab helps to improve the efficiency and cleanliness of the space. Of course, it also allows personnel in the lab to properly drain items, such as beakers, after they have been used and cleaned. In addition to having the pegboard added to the lab, it is also important to make sure that you have plenty of quality peg hooks for the pegboard, as well.

The pegboard hooks are easy to install when you have a quality pegboard system set up in the lab. One of the main benefits is the fact that you can now make better overall use of your space. Rather than needing a large space where you can dry the beakers, tubes, and other items that you use regularly, you can minimize the space with a pegboard section. Everything is off of the flat surfaces, which can provide your personnel with more space to work.

When you are drying on the pegboard hooks, you will find that the vials and beakers tend to dry quickly, depending on the rest of the lab’s environment. High-quality peg hooks for pegboards will help to ensure that the liquid from the items placed on the board drains into the catch drain rather than back into the item you’ve hung on the rack. This means far less of a chance of residue or contamination remaining in the glass, for example.

Wash the Hooks, Too

When you have peg hooks for pegboard sections in your lab, you want to make sure that you are keeping them clean. This is one area that is sometimes overlooked, particularly in busy labs. You should make sure that you are washing the hooks occasionally. The frequency of washing will depend on just how busy the lab is and how often the peg hooks are used.

All labs, regardless of their size or location, should make use of pegboards and peg hooks. This is true for commercial labs, as well as school labs. The boards and hooks are easy to install, and you can easily add more hooks when needed to accommodate the number of boards you have in your facility, and the hooks are also easy to replace if they were to become lost. With a good setup with pegboards and plenty of hooks, you can watch the efficiency in your lab increase, and be sure that your results have not been contaminated.