Advantages of Using Chemical Resistant Lab Countertop in Laboratory

Lab Countertops

Countertops are loosely also called worktops or work-surfaces and are commonly seen in kitchens, bathrooms, and laboratories around the world in homes, offices, schools and medical facilities. However, when you are working with chemicals, heat or heavy objects, it is important to have a surface to work on that can take the abuse and still provide exceptional service down the road. These are the places a person really needs to have a chemical resistant lab countertop.

When you are looking for such countertops, contact AGR Fabricators in Jacksonville, Florida, for the best in the business. AGR Fabricators have been in the business of providing lab countertops for over 40 years. They stock Epoxy, Trespa and phenolic countertops and lab accessories in bulk, but are also happy to talk to you about your custom requirements.

A laboratory environment needs an extremely strong and chemical resistant lab countertop that can withstand high temperatures, is non-porous and is durable.

The Need for Lab Countertops

Laboratory countertops are used by school students for practical sessions in chemistry, among other science subjects. Spillages are a big risk with inexperienced students handling corrosive chemicals, despite all the precautions and safety measures in place. Lab countertops also need to be resistant to fire and heat as both these dangers are very real as a direct consequence of accidents between reactive chemicals, bunsen burners and dropped equipment and can pose a real danger to students and lab personnel.

In medical facilities, countertops need to be durable to take on the day-to-day, round the clock use by lab personnel running medical tests in hospitals and conducting medical or other types of research. The risk of accidents is always present and the work counters need to be able to resist anything the user throws at it.

Advantages of Chemically Resistant Countertops

The countertops available from AGR Fabricators will withstand acids, salts, and solvents and present a non-porous surface so nothing soaks into the counter to cause damage to anything else laid on the counter. Using a chemical resistant lab countertop will lengthen the life of the countertop and prevent any damage to its look and structure. They are usually easy to care for, so they don’t need special care.

Your Countertop Retailer

AGR Fabricators, Inc. stock, sell and manufacture customer countertops that are non-porous, chemical and heat and fire resistant. They also carry epoxy resin sinks, standard and custom pegboards, reagent racks and fume hood tops. If your lab deals and uses corrosive and/or abrasive chemicals, contact them for more information on their wide range of products online or at 904 733-9393.