Advantages of Resin Countertops

Resin Countertops

Resin countertops offer quite a bit in regard to durability and beauty. These are solid surface counters that can be made into any length required while maintaining a seamless finish. They are also offered in several style and color options.

Resin Countertops Explained

This material is created from polyester resin, acrylic or cured epoxy. They are cut to order from various blanks and can be customized for the space where they are being installed. Resin countertops are able to be tinted or colored to create the desired look. Keep in mind, a counter made of acrylic resin is thought to be higher quality than one made of polyester resin.

Strengths of a Resin Counter

If you are thinking about another type of counter type, you may be swayed when you learn the specific advantages of resin countertops.


A resin surface is the primary choice for laboratories where conditions are often extreme. This makes it clear that they are extremely durable and long lasting. In fact, these surfaces are resistant to heat, scratches, UV rays, staining and impact. These surfaces are able to resist stains from all types of acids and other corrosive materials making them one of the most durable options available today.


The look of resin counters is quite appealing. They can be colored or stained to meet a wide array of d├ęcor wants and needs. While this may not be important in the laboratory setting, if you are considering resin counters for your home, this is extremely beneficial.

Non Porous

This surface is non-porous. As a result, it will not trap or hold bacteria or fungus. This also makes the surfaces extremely easy to keep clean.

If you want a counter that looks great, lasts and that is easy to keep clean, resin surfaces are ideal. As you can see, they offer quite a few benefits.

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