Important Aspects of Epoxy Lab Countertops

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Scientists and others who work in laboratories are among the customers that must choose a type of countertop for their workshops, and a popular choice is epoxy lab countertops and one manufacturer is AGR Fabricators, located in Jacksonville, Florida, which has been in business for more than 30 years.

AGR Fabricators makes all kinds of epoxy countertops and is an expert in this product, so can help their customers choose the right kind of countertop for their situation, whether they are a laboratory, responsible for school construction, hospital administrator, or other person who needs quality countertops that can stand up to chemicals, flame, and other damage.

Why are Epoxy Lab Countertops Popular?

Epoxy is made from resin, and this is a type of polymer substance that starts out as a gel, then after being mixed with a special solution, it is poured and spread out into a frame in the appropriate shape needed.

These epoxy countertops are common choices in labs for several reasons, including the fact that they are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they are non-porous and that is great for scientists since they don’t attract dangerous bacteria. This kind of countertop is also easy to customize into the shape you need.

Valuable Aspects About Epoxy Countertops

Other valuable aspects of epoxy countertops are that they are very durable, resistant to chemical damage, non-flammable, low glare, are heat resistant, and have a drip groove and beveled edge for its finish. They work very well in harsh environments like a scientist’s workshop or other well-used location that uses cabinets or other products that need a reliable, durable and strong countertop.

This makes them a top pick for lab areas, for places like schools, hospitals or other medical facilities. AGR Fabricators are experts in these kinds of materials, and can advise their customers about the type of countertops they should use in their lab.

AGR Fabricators is an Epoxy Countertop Manufacturer You Can Trust

These are some of the reasons many scientist trust epoxy countertops for their use and have done so for many years. And since they have more than 120 combined years of experience with their staff and technicians, AGR Fabricators is truly a pro when it comes to giving their customers quality epoxy lab countertops for not only scientists, but also for schools, research facilities and hospitals. They are also experts in providing all kinds of other lab furnitures such as fume hoods, reagent racks, peg boards and balance tables. So call them today for more information at 904-733-9393 to learn about their excellent line of products.