Advantages Of Epoxy Counter Tops

Epoxy counter tops in your kitchen, bathroom, workshop or other location can bring a lot of advantages over some of the other types, and AGR Fabricators makes these surfaces for the classroom, lab or another environment.

These types of countertops are great for this because they are very durable, resist heat, are non-flammable, resist chemicals and are non-porous. They are well liked by most users and are used in both commercial and residential buildings. The experts at AGR Fabricators can help you to decide which of these counter tops are best for your situation.

Epoxy Counter Tops Excel in Durability, Appearance

Two of the main necessities that most buyers look for in countertops are durability and a good appearance, and epoxy counter tops by AGR Fabricators meet that completely. They are resistant to the above, as well as to impact, scratches, stains, acids, foods, and more. Not only that, they can be made into just about any color the buyer wants. Most of the time solid colors are preferred, but other colors are available.

Cleaning Means No Harsh Products

One thing to remember is not to use harsh abrasives to clean epoxy counters, and don’t use abrasive scrubbing pads either. These will make the surface get dull. Plus, you can’t use polish or wax on them either. Just use a soft cloth, and mild soap and clean it weekly. You can also use mineral oil on it, but don’t use too much.

Epoxy Counter Tops Healthier

Besides that, these counter tops are also healthier because they are resistant to bacteria and fungus growth. Plus, since they are easy to clean, that means it is simple to keep anything unhealthy all cleaned up if something spills, etc. And all you need to clean them is regular household cleaners too, so maintenance is also cheap.

Epoxy Counter Tops Are Very Affordable

AGR Fabricators can also work with your budget if you are in the market for these counter tops, as they are very affordable. You can even request samples of their products by calling them or requesting it online at their website. Plus, you can also request other things regarding these types of products, such as a special sheet that lists the chemicals it is resistant too, etc. Just call 904-733-9393.

The bottom line is that AGR Fabricators has been in the business of making epoxy counter tops and other products for more than 30 years, and they also make pegboard, reagent racks and fume hood tops.