How to Install Pegboard for Maximum Service

Your pegboard serves as a trusty drying rack. It makes it easy for you to dry up glassware inside your laboratory, such as your flasks and beakers, without using too much space inside your lab, allowing you to use the area for other activities.


Before installing one, pick the right location for your pegboard. Check the spot to make sure it’s right by the sink. Easy access to the pegboard makes it convenient for you to mount your glassware after washing each one. Also, it’s situated over the sink to allow water to go down the drain, saving you the trouble of having to mop up spills on the sink or floor.


You’ll have to consider different types of pegboards too. It’s available in phenolic material, which makes it easy to polish to a shine. Phenolic pegboards are also sturdy and durable. You can opt for pegboards with phenolic troughs or none, depending on what you need. If you have specific features or sizes, go for custom-made racks. At AGR Fabricators, we custom-make drying racks to fulfill your laboratory needs.


Worried about installation woes? Don’t be. These are easy to mount up your wall. You can have these affixed to any freestanding structure in the room. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Don’t skip any steps. And make sure you finish reading through the entire guide before you attempt to install one.

Installation tools

You’ll need a screwdriver or power drill along with a tape measure. Use the tape measure to determine the accurate measurements of the spot where you’ll be installing your pegboard. You could hang it by eye but look out for any signs of unevenness. Then using whatever wall anchors work best for the boards, secure them in place by screwing the mounting brackets to the wall or any freestanding structure in your lab. Don’t leave without checking it, though. Make sure it’s secure before you carefully put the rack on the bracket. That’s it. You’re done. When you finally have your drying rack up, you can start draining your glassware dry in a way that’s not only efficient but also helps you conserve on laboratory space.

So if you’re looking for a better way to dry your glassware, save up on space and have a handy as well as accessible spot to store your beakers and flasks, go shop for the right pegboard today. Contact us for more details.