Another Outstanding Note

We had the opportunity to work with Sid Adler from Durcon and had a great experience doing so. The Global VP of Sales & Marketing had a few good words to say about AGR, a family owned & operated business, and our thrive for professionalism:

It is a rare in the modern era that we encounter someone professionally that really exemplifies and sets the mark on what family businesses should strive to be.

You at AGR are the example of that rare professional/family what I was so very pleased and proud to call a customer and a friend. You are a rare example of tradition and excellence.

It was a great pleasure to get to know both of you.

Thank you both for all that you are and all that you do…I know that God will continue to bless your going out and your coming in as long as you continue your pursuit of excellence.

It would be my honor and pleasure to stay in touch personally with both of you.